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Does all the talk about Social Security going broke worry you? Are you like most Americans and have an expectation that after a lifetime of working, you will be able to enjoy a comfortable retirement?

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About Bill Peiffer

Bill Peiffer - IRA Distribution Specialist in ChicagoWilliam Peiffer is the President of W.R.Peiffer & Associates, Inc.

We take great pride in being part of our client's dreams, at all levels of their lifespan and business cycle. This pride shows in the effort our firm exerts every day, on behalf of those individuals, and businesses.

Bill works with individuals, and businesses in the areas of Wealth Accumulation Planning. His primary focus is always to take advantage of current tax law changes and innovative ideas based on the client’s specific situation to increase wealth and, generate the retirement desired. His ability to achieve strong results in the face of changing economic times is a tribute to the resiliency of his thorough planning methods helping clients adjust, reshape financial priorities, and move ahead.

With the interests of his clients in mind, he has specialized in the area of SAFE MONEY WEALTH ACCUMULATION. Bill works hard to make important contributions to the betterment of his client's lives and to the success and enjoyment of their retirement.

With many years of experience, knowledge and dedication to serving the needs of individuals, and businesses, Bill Peiffer is a skilled financial professional who utilizes the latest, and in some cases the oldest risk free planning techniques to design and implement personalized strategies that can help reduce financial risk and lower taxes.

Bill is a member of Chicago First Church of the Nazarene in Lemont, the Orland Park Chamber of Commerce and the Lincolnway chapter of Business Networking International.

Bill is married to Marie and lives with his family in Orland Park. He has five children and seven grandchildren. In his spare time, Bill enjoys boating, working on his tan, gardening, cooking, snow skiing and spending time with his kids and grandkids.


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W.R. Peiffer & Associates, Inc. specializes in Wealth Accumulation Planning. We work with individuals, small businesses and the self employed in Illinois and Indiana.